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23 Jun 2011
Abandoned matches
Can every club please ensure that the full scorecard for abandoned matches is submitted into Sportstatz,..
2 Jun 2011
Viewing your own clubs pages
Sportstatz also has a set of web pages for each club. To view this simply got the the list of clubs and click on your clubs' VISIT. You will then be directed to your clubs pages, and then to view any of your clubs' pages just click as appropriate. Your club admins are also able to add Club News and access the other features which are then able to be viewed. At the moment there does seem to be an issue with adding to your own club pages. We are contacting the creators of the programme to see if this can be resolved.

An example can now be seen if you view Mildenhall's pages.
9 May 2011
Please when loading the extras, can you make sure that you enter the individual totals otherwise the batting and bowling totals will not agree. If inputting from the result sheet, then please copy the breakdown from the scorebook on match day.
8 May 2011
A number of teams, some playing for the first time, have forgotten to SELECT their teams, or change their teams from the previous matches. I have asked that ALL players are selected to ALL teams, so that the home clubs who have to submit the scorecards can do so without having any problems.
17 Apr 2011
Ensure your team is in the system
The first scoresheet of the season was unable to be submitted fully because Mistley had not entered a Selected Team into the programme, plus the scoresheet given to the admin entering the scorecard had not been fully completed by the Ipswich team. I therefore guess that this would have been faxed too had the old system still be in place. It is ESSENTIAL that all clubs enter a Selected Team prior to the match, and that the Club rep who is submitting the scorecard has a correctly filled in scoresheet or scorebook to work from.
15 Apr 2011
New rules fitness to play
Please see the Rules section for the full details.
6 Apr 2011
Adding players to teams
To assist those entering the Players names into the Sportstatz programme. Once you have added all those you need to add, then they can be allocated to your various teams.

Teams -> click List for appropriate team -> select and click >> to add a player

You can add as many as you like to each team, but only after this has been done, will they appear in the Scoresheets drop down menus.
13 Mar 2011
New Results Statistics Service
The days of ringing results in to Steve Isaac, and then faxing scoresheets to Alan Rogers, will come to an end with the introduction of the SportsStatz programme we are introducing for ther 2011 season. Each club should email Steve Isaac via the link of the Two Counties web-site with their list of "admins". Once this has been done, those admins will be issued with passwords which will enable them to directly input every scrap of information they like about their clubs. More importantly, from the League's point of view, we will require them to, at first, enter the names of all their players. This is so that when the scorecard is created, club admins can see those players from the drop down menus that will appear. Additional players can be added at any time. The existing scoresheets should still be completed at the end of each match, but then retained in case of disputes. The admins should then copy the match details into the appropriate fixture on the menu. Upon completion, the scorecard will be automatically submitted into the site. It is essential that all details are correct, including the points awarded. Steve Isaac and Alan Rogers will be able to amend should any errors in the points be noticed. The programme will be generating the League tables and statistics automatically, so asccuracy is essential, in fact, if that part works in the same manner as CricketStatz, then a scorecard that does not "add up" cannot be submitted until it does. So the roles of the scorers becomes more essential than ever before in attaining accuracy. Steve Isaac is also willing to visit clubs admins to give them a demonstration of the new system. If this is required then if may be beneficial to have meetings in various locations around the range of the League, so that many clubs from those localities can attend at the same time.